Nowe oprogramowanie do FT2000


Yaesu zgodnie z obietnicami w pierwszy dzień nowego roku opublikowało najnowsze oprogramowanie do procesora oraz DSP TRX-a FT2000. Upgrade dostępny jest na stornie


lista najważniejszych zmian:


Ver. 0142 Main CPU implements improvements: 

•  Added MENU #031 CAT IND. CAT data activity Indicator ENABLE/DISABLE (C/S button LED)
•  Add MENU #015 LVL IND. Values are now indicated on the VFD display for  
PITCH SPEED CONTOUR NOTCH DNR CW DELAY VOX DELAY (Press the [ENT] key to set the command to “ON” or “OFF”)
•  The AGC HOLD TIME default values are changed.
•  Corrected a bug during TX; now the MIC-EQ is updated by PCC-2000 commands. 
•  Changed MENU PRMTRC EQ LEVEL range of values to -20 ~ 0 ~ +10.
•  Changed the default values of MENU PRMTRC (LVL)
•  Added the CAT Command (CO) for APF, ON
•  Improve the ACS operation. 
•  Changed the VOX DELAY time settings to approximate the “CW Semi-break-in” DELAY setting on the front panel knob.

Ver. 11.29 DSP implements improvements:

•  Implements the FTdx9000 (PEP9000)  DSP technology
•  DNR… superior SSB mode noise reduction
•  DNF…greater reduction of beat tones
•  AGC… attack time fine-tuned
•  SSB speech processor audio augmented
•  Activate RTTY monitor while transmitting
•  DELAY characteristic of AGC close to analog AGC


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